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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Love In A Small Town

This is a picture of Eureka Springs' one and only main street as it appears today. It is lined with Victorian Gingerbread cottages built around 1880, after the last devastating fire destroyed most of the town. You can see more pictures on my website if you click on the "Hidden History of Eureka Springs" page. http://joycezellercom.
     In October, 2015, Rogue Press will release my new book about Eureka Springs titled, "Love in a Small Town." It is about David Martin, newly widowed and  stepfather to, Sarah Graham, fifteen, whom he has only known for the two years of his brief marriage. He's a wealthy financial analyst and he doesn't know anything about parenting. He left that up to his wife, Sarah's mother. They live in Chicago and David, panicked at the responsibility of new fatherhood, decides that Chicago is too full of temptations for a naive young girl and moves, with Sarah, to Eureka Springs, Arkansas, population 2072, and known since 1879 as a haven for the dissident and disenfranchised. It is pure culture shock for Sarah, and she can't fit in. The move was difficult for Sarah, who was used to a privileged life in private school. She's not accepted by the high school kids. She falls in with the wrong bunch, headed for trouble, and is saved by nerdy Logan, closet genius and class nerd, who introduces her to his three friends, also nerdy.
     Meanwhile, David meets Lindsay, owner of a small fragrance shop that caters to the thousands of tourists the tiny town hosts every summer. He's attracted to her but, every time the two meet, something goes wrong and they end up in an argument. But hey, there's a lot of love in a small town, and their affection for Sarah brings them together.
     Eureka Springs has a reputation for being the 'quirkiest' town in Arkansas. Residents take pride in not having any traffic lights and only a few stop signs. Of course, none of the streets intersect because most are paved-over wagon trails on the hillside, made when the town was new, in 1879.
     Indeed, the residents are so colorful that when a Hollywood production company decided to shoot a movie here about a crazy preacher, they decided they didn't need to bring in extras. They hired the whole town instead. the film, "Pass The Ammo," only received one viewing locally before going to video. A local reviewer remarked, "It's the only film I've ever seen where the rolling credits at the end received a standing ovation." In the coming months I'll tell you more about the book, and tell some stories about the characters.
     I've "borrowed" some locals for characters in "Love Out of Time," which takes place in a small tourist town on the New Jersey Shore. If you read that you'll get an idea of small town life.

Authors Helping Authors

Once you've published you become aware that you've joined a new community....that of authors helping authors. You are expected to do your own marketing with a little help from your publisher, and, in my case, a lot of help from my agent, Jeannie Loiacono, but mostly you are on your own. 
I belong to a group very generous writers who will help you me if I reciprocate. This feature is my way of paying it forward. 

Susan York faces the biggest decision of her life. "A baby or college?"
Unmarried and confused, Susan is not looking for a guy. She only wants to get through her classes without getting sick.
Colt Lefevour needs help with his English Lit homework until he discovers Susan is pregnant. Hurt from his ex-girlfriend aborting his baby, he wants to be the father of Susan’s baby, but will he be able to convince her to let him help?

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