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Friday, March 2, 2012

The Aliens Are Here!

It has finally happened. My science fiction novel about an alien who is a plant in a human body has become a reality on through the KDP Kindle Publishing program.
For those of you who have novels and are thinking about going the e-book route, the KDP program is one of the best I've found. Following their simplified, updated formatting guide is easy. If you make a mistake, they will send you a polite e-mail telling you what to do.
I've been writing and submitting for about fifteen years, which is how many rejections? About a thousand. I have to say, it is a new experience being treated like a valued contributor. I am now a die-hard Kindle fan.
So, what is the book about? Here is the cover copy:
 It was trouble enough that he sprouted, after lying dormant for eons, but then Daniel discovered he was growing into a human body instead of a plant because of the human DNA used in his cloning. As protection, he has the ability to change into any of Earth’s life forms, including birds, and to manufacture plant oils that can kill or heal. To make a living, he learns how to play poker and works at a casino where he meets Aine, the beautiful, cloned, alien assassin sent by the home planet, and programmed to kill him.
            Aine is able to inject her prey with lethal wasp venom or kill them with electricity. However, her human DNA interferes and they fall in love and form a team to get rid of Angelo Cardone, a local neighborhood crime boss, who is involved in the drug trade and human trafficking. Aine’s habit of leaving a trail of bodies behind brings two very confused detectives in pursuit who think they are chasing either an alien or a hundred pound wasp, or maybe a werewolf, one of Daniel’s favorite morphs.

 Murder and mayhem ensue, but they defeat the neighborhood criminals with the help of some unusual but lovable friends; so pleasing their home planet ruler, that they are allowed to become human and remain here, while retaining their powers to do good.
Accidental Alien examines our world and our beliefs with humor and amazement, sometimes shaking you out of your comfort zone.
All this for $2.99. Such a deal!

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